Newly-elected MP Bernadette Devlin describes what she saw in the Bogside and expresses her fears of a civil war in Northern Ireland.

When Robert Porter, the Northern Ireland Minister for Home Affairs, banned a march from Burntollet Bridge to Derry City, a sit-down protest in Derry ended in clashes between civil rights activists and Protestant extremists. These clashes sparked off intense violence in the Bogside area of Derry.

The following day on "This Week", newly-elected MP Bernadette Devlin described what she saw in the Bogside and expressed her fears of a civil war in Northern Ireland. 1,000 strong army of police marched in on the Bogside "not to maintain law and order, but to terrorise the people of the Bogside", according to Devlin. Devlin also comments on accusations of police provocation and states that the troubles will continue unless the B-Specials are immediately disbanded.

One possible solution suggested by Devlin is the abolition of Stormont and the implementation of direct rule from Westminster. Other solutions suggested include the abolition of the RUC. Devlin says that at the moment it is difficult to see a solution.