The election for Mid Ulster's Westminster seat saw the first straight contest between two women in Northern Ireland politics and was labelled "the petticoat election" by the media.

In this clip, Mike Burns speaks to the two candidates Anna Forrest and Bernadette Devlin, who outline their policies in the run up to polling day.

Mrs. Anna Forrest is the 43 year old widow of the man whose death caused the by-election, the former Unionist MP, George Forrest.

A newcomer to the political platform, she says she stands for

prosperity and for peace, for equality and for harmony, and for human decency and Christian charity amongst all people.

Forrest also talks about the impact of violence in Northern Ireland on agriculture and industry. She points the finger firmly at the civil rights demonstrators and the People's Democracy movement as the roots of the problem.

Fr. James McGee spoke to Mike Burns about why he is supporting Bernadette Devlin and believes there is smear campaign to associate her with communism.

Bernadette Devlin also speaks to Burns about the charges of communism that are being made against her and how these charges are affecting her campaign. Devlin believes that the smear campaign is having a limited affect. Devlin says "the only way forward for Ireland is in a socialist republic". Devlin anticipates that she will win the seat at Westminster.