The impact on families in the west of Ireland when the time comes for the men to travel to England for work.

Many families in Ireland have to get used to the man of the house leaving them for up to nine months of the year to work away from home.

The Conroy family in Doohoma, west Mayo talk about when the local men have to leave for England again. Jack Conroy his wife and daughter discuss the impact of his departure.

This extract also shows a car with suitcases on the roof collecting men from rural farmhouses. An elderly woman with a dog comes to the road to see the car off. The car loaded with suitcases drives away on a narrow country road. The woman waves and returns to her house.

An extract from a 'Report' programme which follows the plight of two families from the west of Ireland where the men leave home for long periods to work in England.

'Report' was a series of half hour documentaries. This programme was broadcast 1 November 1972.