Loyalists protest at proposed new housing estate for Catholics in Poleglass, west Belfast.

The Poleglass Action Group organised the rally which took place in Lisburn town centre today. Those who marched were from from members of the UUP (Ulster Unionist Party), DUP (Democratic Unionist Party), the Orange Order and tenants' groups.

Starting at Wallace Park in Lisburn the protest which included marching bands made its way to Kingsway Park in Dunmurry village where a short rally took place.

Among the speakers were DUP leader Reverend Ian Paisley and South Antim MP (Minister of Parliament) James Molyneaux who spoke about the potential upheaval ahead,

Something which will introduce strife, tension, into an area.

Today’s protest which numbered approximately 1500 is small compared to Lisburn’s population of 70,000.

Numbers at the protest were estimated at approximately 1500, small when compared to Lisburn’s population of 70,000,

The bulk of the crowd...came from outside the area.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 September 1978. The reporter is Brian Black.