A Dublin family show the steps they have taken to reduce the consumption of energy at home.

The Brady family in Fairview are doing all they can to conserve energy in their home. The kettle is boiled for tea as little as possible, and excess hot water is stored in a flask for use later in the day.

Fran Brady separates glass and plastic in designated recycling bins, and re-uses old newspapers soaking them in water and making paper bricks to burn in the fire which heats the house. Long life bulbs are in use, and windows and doors are draught proofed. The results of her effort has paid off.

Within the first two months of implementing all this she had saved £20 on her electricity bill.

Organic materials go onto the compost heap and end up as fertiliser for the garden. Daughter Bonnie Brady is also on board, recycling all her notes from school and

Always put a plastic bag in my bag before I go out so I can re-use it.

The average Irish household disposes of sixteen kilos of waste each week, while the Bradys in comparison have just half a kilo for collection.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 September 1998. The reporter is Carole Coleman.