A postman looks back on his 30 years of service in the Moate area of County Westmeath.

For thirty years Billy Power has cycled the roads of County Westmeath, delivering post to homes in the Moate area. Every day he left Moate post office at 8:30 am on route for Mount Temple, returning to Moate seven hours later.

Of all the years cycling a bicycle, the only problem Billy Power ever encountered on his route was the occasional dog who tried to bite him. A confirmed bachelor, he jokes that he never married because,

I was probably more afraid of women than dogs.

Billy Power never felt the need for a wife and is well able to look after himself. Looking back over his lengthy career, he would do it all again and would not change a thing.

With a parting shot to the Chairman of An Post, Billy Power hands over his hat and mailbag,

You can give that to Feargal Quinn with my compliments.

This episode of 'Evening Extra' was broadcast on 27 January 1988. The reporter is Shay Healy.