The Garda Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner are retiring from the force following the phone tapping controversy.

From Moville in County Donegal Patrick McLaughlin joined An Garda Síochána in 1933 and rose through the ranks, serving as a detective in the murder squad.

In his five years as Garda Commissioner he worked to raise the standards and efficiency of the force. He established the Garda Training Centre in Templemore in 1964. Commissioner Patrick McLaughlin also called on successive Ministers for Justice to introduce changes in the criminal justice law, maintaining that the balance had tipped in favour of criminals.

Last year allegations of improper political interference in An Garda Síochána surfaced, and the public spotlight shone on the Commissioner, as well as Deputy Commissioner Joe Ainsworth, head of security and intelligence.

What emerged was the alleged phone tapping of journalists Bruce Arnold and Geraldine Kennedy, and

The revelation that Garda equipment and facilities had been used to record what has been described as a political conversation.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 January 1983. The reporter is Tom McCaughren.