Advice for parents on dealing with teenage children.

The teenage years are notoriously difficult time for parents and children, but this is not something new says psychiatrist Dr Vincent Molony, as from the dawn of time young people want to,

Establish their identity as being separate people.

Many parents feel that they are alone during this period, but a chat with other parents will reveal that everyone is in the same boat.

Relationships grow in importance during the teenage years, as does spending an increasing amount of time with friends. Clashes over choices of clothes, makeup and hairstyles are common, but parents should not take what their child wears as a reflection of their parenting skills.

Boundaries are important but it is not necessary to create rules for everything believes Dr Vincent Molony, as,

When everything is a rule, nothing is a rule.

Parents must however follow up with their children when rules are broken. Keeping the lines of communication open between both sides is also important, and acknowledging that teenagers need to make mistakes.

All you can do is set up a parameter for them to work within.

This episode of 'Family Matters’ was broadcast on 20 January 1993. The presenters are Sean O'Rourke and Caroline Murphy.

'Family Matters' was a TV magazine programme for and about families. It was presented by husband and wife team Sean O'Rourke and Caroline Murphy and looked at the changing face of Irish family life. It was broadcast from 1992 to 1995.