Wives of Long Kesh detainees protest at methods used to search them on prison visits.

Female visitors demonstrate at what they say is the degrading nature of new security checks at Long Kesh prison. Around 200 women took part in a protest at Long Kesh over the search techniques used on them by military police when visiting their husbands.

One protester describes the security process that takes place when visiting her husband. These include removing her coat, shoes and on occasion, other items of clothing.

Very degrading, sort of frisking, it's embarrassing.

Before the new security regime was introduced, visitors were searched by the prison warders. This involved checking coats and bags and a slight frisking. She describes it as degrading and intrusive.

They try to sort of strip you of all your dignity.

Another woman describes her experience of visiting Long Kesh with a child when a security check was carried out on the baby's blankets and milk bottle.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 January 1973. The reporter is John O'Callaghan.