Snail eating and a barman's race are among the events at the Festival Francais de Portarlington.

The small midlands town of Portarligton in County Laois has links with France that go back to the 1600s when the Huguenots fled France.

The town keeps its French connection by hosting the Festival Francais de Portarlington. Now in its sixth year, the four day festival from 9-12 September 1982 has a packed programme of entertainment including free cinema shows, fashion shows and the Artane Boys Band.

Friday events include the popular barman's race. Barmen race from the Pint o' Port pub to the Arches while balancing pint glasses on trays.

A more French themed event is the Portarlington National Escargot Eating Contest, a snail eating competition.

The snails collected by local school children are prepared for consumption and roasted in garlic butter before serving. The eight contestants compete to eat the most snails in six minutes.

For some it's too much, after five it’s time to give up.

Land surveyor Rory Cronin, is declared the winner. He manages to consume 87 snails in the allotted time. Runner up is restaurateur Ray Searson with 76 snails. In third place is Edward Broughan who eats 57 snails.

For his efforts, Rory Cronin is presented with the Marc Quinquandon Perpetual Memorial Trophy.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 September 1982.