A plan to clean up a stretch of the Grand Canal between Inchicore and Mount Street Bridge in Dublin.

The Grand Canal stretches for 132 km connecting Dublin with the River Shannon. It has the potential to be a major environmental and tourist amenity. However In its present state it is

A stretch of water where conditions for fishing or anything else have been far from ideal.

Plans are going ahead in Dublin to clean up the Grand Canal. The work will be carried out under an amenity grants scheme and the main task is a stretch of waterway between Inchicore, where the canal enters the heart of Dublin, and Mount Street Bridge linking Mount Street Lower and Northumberland Road.

The scheme will mean a more picturesque canal as well as giving much needed work and money to the young people involved.

It is expected the work will be completed by the end of 1977.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 7 October 1977.