Attempts to halt erosion at Owenahincha beach in West Cork.

Cork County Council and AnCO are making efforts to prevent erosion on Owenahincha beach near Clonakilty.

Land is being lost to the sea at a rate of between seven and 12 feet a year.

Wire cages filled with stones are being placed on the beach to prevent the leaching of sand. Young people from the AnCO Community Youth Employment Scheme are carrying out the work. The cost of the work is being met by both AnCO and Cork County Council.

Area engineer for the council Ted Murphy is confident that these efforts will help to stop the erosion. This approach has been used in many places throughout the world and has been very successful. The technique has been successfully used in Ballybunion in County Kerry to prevent the erosion of the golf course.

The sand dunes on Owenahincha beach are being eroded by a combination of recreational pressure and high tides. It is hoped that the cages, made from mattresses and filled with stone, will protect the lower regions of the dunes from the tide. The next phase of the work will involve the reshaping and replanting of the sand dune systems. There will also be control over recreational access over the sand dunes on the beach.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 August 1977. The reporters are Dermot Mullane and Tom MacSweeney.