Opposition to plans for a new road to Galway that will bypass towns and villages to provide an alternative route for through traffic

Local people in Galway are not in favour of plans for a bypass which would reroute traffic away from their villages and have a negative impact on local business.

The draft development plan drawn up by Galway County Council means change for the area which directly affects the people living there.

This is one of the many plans that will change the face of Ireland over the next 10 or 20 years.

The development plans include altering arterial roads which would be welcomed by motorists. However, many people living in Galway villages will be unhappy by the proposals set out in the plan. Improvements according to the plan, really mans bypassing these little places.

The village of Oranmore in County Galway has a population of less than two hundred people. All the traffic between Galway, Dublin and Limerick passes through Oranmore making the village a bottleneck. However, many local businesses are opposing the plans for a new road which will bypass the village.

Businessmen have seen this sort of thing kill other places.

Publican George McDonagh opposes the plans and fears such a fate for Oranmore. He believes that the new road would take away most of the traffic through the village and turn it into a ghost town. There are plans to appeal the proposals before 1 October.

People in the villages of Labane and Dunmore, where passing trade is vital, also oppose the plan. Dunmore publican and businessman Mr Walsh believes that the bypass would have a detrimental effect on trade in the town putting many out of business. He is optimistic that the appeal will be successful.

I think it would be disastrous.

Secretary of the Dunmore Industrial Development Association, Mr Finnegan, believes that the town will die if it is bypassed. He suggests an alternative route that would go through the town.

If this town is bypassed, it certainly is not going to survive as a town.

This episode of 'Newsbeat' was broadcast on 13 July 1967. The reporter is Cathal O'Shannon.