Art created by prisoners goes on show at Inside Out exhibition in Castlrea Prison.

One of the most unusual art exhibitions of the year at Castlerea Prison in County Roscommon. The exhibition appropriately titled 'Inside Out' is part of the rehabilitation training for prisoners at the high security prison to prepare them for their return to society.

Artwork produced by 15 prisoners went up for auction with the sale of 40 pieces of art raising €5,000. The money is being shared between the prisoners and two local charities.

One of the prison artists reflects on how a painting can be changed with the stroke of a brush but life can not.

Prison governor Dan Scannell says that the art classes and subsequent exhibition have provided prisoners with a great sense of achievement which he hopes will contribute to the process of rehabilitation.

Art teacher Joanne Foley says that the learning process and the exhibition have been fantastic experiences for the prisoners.

It has given them a wonderful sense of self worth and achievement and recognition.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 May 2002. The reporter is Jim Fahy.