The growing problem of indiscriminate, illegal dumping in the west of Ireland.

According to the Western Regional Tourism Organisation, dumping of waste material is common across Galway and Mayo and in particular in the Connemara region.

Indiscriminate dumping of this kind is now almost completely out of control in many parts of counties Galway and Mayo.

A recent survey showed that their were over 30 separate dumps along a 13 mile stretch of quiet country road between Barna, Spiddal and Moycullen. This is one of the most scenic parts of the Connemara region.

The Western Regional Tourism Board is now demanding that a tougher line be taken with litter louts.Manager Joe Lally took RTÉ News on a tour of some of the worst black spots and described his growing anger at the destruction of the countryside.

We in the tourism organisation are really very worried that people are going to switch off coming to Connemara.

Joe Lally says domestic and industrial rubbish is being dumped at the side of the road this material will not decompose easily. There is a need to embark on a campaign to identify those individuals guilty of dumping. Joe Lally describes them as "enemies of our country".

They are doing enormous damage to our tourism image and it's very hard for us to play down the image of the dirty Irish or dirty Ireland.

Local residents are equally annoyed by the growth in illegal dumping and have warned that they will take the law into their own hands if the Gardaí or the tourist board fail to act immediately. One man has given a local business 48 hours to remove rubbish which he believes they dumped at the side of the road. If the business does not act, the local man said he will hire a tractor and dump the rubbish back on their own doorstep.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 April 1982. The reporter is Jim Fahy.