New wave group Auto Da Fé perform their own song of the same name.

Auto Da Fé were formed by vocalist Gay Woods and keyboard player Trevor Knight in Holland in 1980. On relocating to Ireland, they were joined by Mark Magaray on bass and Robbie Brennan on drums. This line-up performs the song 'Auto Da Fé' with lyrics by Gay Woods.

‘Auto Da Fé’ became the B side to the group’s third single ‘Man of Mine’ released in June 1983 on Rewind Records. Both tracks were produced by Phil Lynott, who also featured on backing vocals.

At the end of the performance presenter Ferdia Mac Anna enthuses,

That was the dynamic, irresistible Auto Da Fé.

He sheds some light on the bands unusual name,

For all you linguistic connoisseurs Auto Da Fé means acts of faith in Portuguese.

Presented by Ciana Cambell and Ferdia Mac Anna, 'New Moves' was a six-part series aimed at 16 to 23 year olds. The first programme was broadcast on 29 March 1982.

This episode of ‘New Moves’ was broadcast on 5 April 1982.