Tralee man John Lavery collects and catalogues butterflies.

John Lavery explains that while butterflies are mostly found in bogs and on the outskirts of woodland areas, they can also be found in towns and cities.

The largest part of his collection of butterflies consists of specimens which he acquired through a fellow butterfly collector in Malaysia.

John Lavery works in an electrical shop in the Kerry town of Tralee and spends much of his free time on his collection.

Most of his butterfly collecting or lepidoptery is done at the weekends when he brings his net out into the surrounding countryside.

He explains the delicate process of capturing, preserving and mounting the butterflies. He keeps a catalogue of his collection noting the locality that it was caught, the altitude, its habitat, and any other detail that would make it scientifically worthy of interest.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 July 1981. The reporter is Cillian De Paor.