On a poultry farm in Clones pheasants are fitted with protective spectacles as anti-peck devices.

Joe Goodwin from Greenbank, Clones in County Monaghan is an expert in poultry rearing. On the family farm he breeds pheasants for distribution to local gun clubs.

This pheasant project began with 13 male pheasants and 125 hens, five of whom died. The hens produced eggs at an astonishing rate. However they also pecked at the eggs and ate them.

To prevent the hen pheasants from pecking their own eggs, Joe Goodwin has come up with an ingenious solution, pheasant spectacles.

The spectacles are plastic blinders that function similarly to blinkers on a horse. However in the case of pheasant spectacles, vision is allowed in every direction except straight ahead.

This method of deceiving the unfortunate birds has been a total success and egg production in Clones is now back on course.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 June 1981. The reporter is Phil Crotty.