Christmas turkey sales get underway at marts across the country.

Farmers from across the country have been arriving at Ashbourne the largest mart in the country, since dawn where turkeys for the Christmas period are going under the hammer at auction.

There are some three thousand turkeys on sale here today.

The turkeys have already been killed and plucked. While trading was slow today and prices were down, this is good news for consumers as prices will remain stable.  

Auctioneer Rober Craige says the most popular bird will be selling for £1 per lb.

This should mean for the housewife, birds no dearer than last year.

Queenie Buckley has around a dozen turkeys which are up for auction.  She raises turkeys every year a hobby.

Butcher Jim McCartan outlines how much the consumer will pay for fresh birds at their local butchers.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 December 1990. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.