A small business in Phibsborough is the only one in Ireland that manufactures kits for model train sets.

Ciaran McGowan and his small but dedicated team work hard every day making model train kits from their premises in Monck Place, Phibsborough.  

For the past seven years they have created many different types of model locomotives, all  from drawings made from photographs of real trains. The models are shipped all over the world.  

Made on the 0  and 00 gauge scales, the kits are sold unassembled, each one accompanied by diagrams and instructions for putting them together.  

A model train enthusiast himself for many years, Ciaran McGowan understands the enjoyment people get out of building a train themselves, and customers often call into his shop to show him the finished product,  

When I sell kits and people bring them into me here finished, I get satisfaction from that.

This episode of 'Anything Goes' was broadcast on 23 November 1985. The reporter is Mary Frances Calayco.