Ahead of the H-Block hunger strike thousands march in Belfast and Fr Denis Faul describes the mood of prisoners.

Seven republican prisoners in the Maze Prison's H-Block have said that they will commence a hunger strike tomorrow morning in protest at the ending of their special category status in the prison.

Their primary demand is that they will be permitted to wear their own clothes instead of prison uniforms.

Dungannon based priest Father Denis Faul who is a regular visitor to the Maze Prison says that all republican prisoners who spoke to him in the H-Blocks support the hunger strikers. Those who are not going on hunger strike will refuse to do any work in solidarity with those who will begin refusing food tomorrow,

It will be a united protest involving as many as 500 prisoners.

Father Faul agrees with Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich's statement regarding giving the men the concession to wear their own clothes,

If the clothes issue was granted soon...I think you could probably diffuse the situation.

A more humane treatment of the prisoners is also required, as many are not in good health as a result of current conditions in the Maze, but morale among them is strong. They will take this strike as far as it can go, but Fr Faul hopes that will not be the case,

I shudder to think of anybody dying...the consequences of that would be serious for the community.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 26 October 1980.