An internet café specifically for the over fifty fives hopes to bridge the digital divide.

The first internet café in Ireland for the over fifty five age group has opened in Dublin. The cyber café has five computers in a small room at St Anne's Church on Dawson Street.

Canon Adrian Empey explains what the café hopes to achieve in terms of bridging the demographic digital divide. He hopes it will help educate older people about the language and debunk the myths of the internet.

They think you must be an astrophysicist to send an email.

This can be quite challenging for some people who learn the manual dexterity required to use a mouse first.

Fred Billet, a volunteer at the café, has embraced technology since his retirement and is determined to share his passion with others. Participants in the project are determined not to be left in the dark.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 April 2000. The reporter is Annabel Egan.