For as long as he can remember Gay Byrne wanted to work in broadcasting.

Gay Byrne was inspired by Eamonn Andrews a friend of his older brother who began his career as a boxing commentator. As a teenager in the days before television in Ireland Gay Byrne knew he wanted some sort of a career in broadcasting.

I really never remember wanting to be particularly anything else other than perhaps a photographer or an airline pilot.

Although involved in various drama groups he never has an ambition to be an actor. He wanted to be able to tell a few gags, introduce people and be the master of ceremonies. He felt at ease with public speaking and started auditioning for roles at Radio Éireann. However, he faced rejection for many years. He eventually got into broadcasting through commercial radio and sponsored programmes when asked to fill in on the Urney Chocolates show.  

Gay Byrne attributes his success down to being totally reliable and dedicated to the job working every possible available shift.

I built up a reputation for being absolutely punctual, absolutely sober, absolutely available.

He does not see himself as having any particular talent but rather a facility to be a conduit for other people's opinions on both television and radio.

His first love is radio, where it all began for him, describing it as a more simple format that allows the listener to use their imagination. 

This episode of 'Anything Goes' was broadcast on 15 December 1984. The presenter is Mary FitzGerald.