The Gaelic Players Association holds its first formal meeting in Belfast and hopes to become the representative body for players nationwide.

Several high profile players have already given their backing to the Gaelic Players Association but the bulk of the support at present is coming from Ulster footballers. Armagh's Ciaran McGeeney says that many players feel the time has come for some of their ideas to be heard and the association will offer them this platform. For McGeeney, the association is not about payment for players but rather about looking after players. 

It could well trigger a new era for our national game.

The primary aims of the association are to make improvements to insurance schemes and make changes to the current championship structure. The association hopes to represent all Gaelic footballers and hurlers. 

Kildare footballer Brian Lacey believes that the time has come for players to have their say in how the organisation is run. This view is reinforced by Laois hurler Fionán O'Sullivan who says

It's all for the love of the game.

Croke Park has yet to comment on the new force in Gaelic games the players.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 September 1999. The reporter is Eamon Horan.