Tá cosc a chur ar tuarasóirí seoda Charraig Phádraig a fheiceáil, mar tá na doirse dúnta ro-luath i rith na bliana, dar le Comhlachas Tráchtála Chaisil.

Large numbers of tourists are being turned away from the Rock of Cashel on a regular basis, due to restrictions on opening times at one of Ireland’s biggest tourist attractions. 

Cashel Chamber of Commerce is fed up with the Office of Public Works’ refusal to extend opening hours for the historic site, which is the town’s main attraction.

The chamber has requested that the location known also as Cashel of the Kings and St Patrick’s Rock should extend opening times during daylight hours throughout the year. They maintain that current visitor numbers make this viable.  

The tourist season begins in earnest after St Patrick’s Day, and the town teems with tourists from June to September. Vice chairman of Cashel Chamber of Commerce Padraig Ó Mathúna explains that their recent survey, conducted at the Rock of Cashel found visitors frustrated with the early closing times, 

A round trip of 10,000 to see the Rock of Cashel, then to find it closed.

The Chamber is well aware of the financial loss to the town, and Padraig Ó Mathúna wonders at the logic of the state tourism agency Bord Fáilte spending millions on marketing the Rock of Cashel abroad, only for tourists to make their way all the way to County Tipperary and experience disappointment, 

Go dtagann siad anseo agus an áit dúnta, na seoda atá anseo atá le feiscint, agus ní féidir iad a fheiscint.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 31 May 1984. The reporter is Finín Ó Tuama.