Model enthusiasts have created a remarkable exhibition featuring scenes from the Irish railway network.

Malahide Castle is the new home for an extraordinary model railway display .

The finest model railway outfit in these islands, probably in Europe.

The large model includes all types of trains and trams in scenes from stations in Dublin, Howth, Cork and Belfast.

The man behind the exhibition is Tom Tighe, who has been putting it together for eight years. Among the items on display is the Cyril Fry Collection. Gay Byrne recalls visiting Cyril Fry's vast model railway collection at his home in Clonskeagh thirty years earlier.  

Tom Tighe explains that the intention is to preserve the Fry Collection so they are on display as part of the exhibition as static features. The trains that are running have only been recently acquired. 

They're historic models of everything that ever ran in Ireland.

The model even includes the Ringsend Power Station which powered the entire Dublin tram system.

The Late Late Show sent the cameras to Malahide Castle to see the exhibition and Gay encourages viewers to pay it a visit.  

The Late Late Show broadcast on 31 March 1989. The presenter is Gay Byrne.