Court judgement rules road can be built through the Glen of the Downs but those opposed to the decision will continue their campaign.

The courts decision in favour of Wicklow County Council comes after months of protest by eco warriors hoping to save the Glen of the Downs from development.

The go-ahead for a controversial dual-carriageway to be built through the Glen of the Downs comes subject to Wicklow County Council  satisfying a number of issues which the court held they were not in compliance with. However environmental campaigners, who have been camped in the Glen for more than a year, say they were victorious today and will not be leaving.

Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns found against the eco warriors in a 150 page judgement saying the Environmental Impact Statement had been sufficient. Justice Kearns did agree with the eco warriors that the land at the centre of the controversy should not have been subject to a compulsory purchase order. However, he also found that public access to the nature reserve would not be threatened by the development.

His ruling cleared the way for Wicklow County Council to proceed.

While it may be a disappointing result for those campaigning to save the Glen of the Downs, they are determined to continue their fight. They feel that they won on major issues which will now have to be addressed by Wicklow County Council. They also say that they won't be leaving the Glen of the Downs. They will now be campaigning to have the Glen declared a special area of conservation. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 March 1999. The reporter is Carol Coleman.