A deep lurking thing has been recorded in Muckross Lake, Killarney, County Kerry. But what is it?

Scientists in Kerry are baffled by the image of a snake like object 27 feet long which has been uncovered during an underwater survey of Muckross Lake. Already the mystery creature has been nicknamed "Muckie" and comparisons are now being drawn with the Scottish Lough Ness monster.

Muckross Lake is one of the deepest lakes in Ireland and is home to many types of fish. Scientists investigating the fish stock using hydro-acoustic equipment were baffled when they captured an image of what is described as, 

A deep lurking thing.

Paddy O'Sullivan from the National Parks and Wildlife Service refutes claims that the sighting was a prank. He reassures people that if there is something there, it is not a danger to people. 

Visitors to the lake give their views on what might lie beneath the surface of the lake. 

Until further scientific investigation is carried out, what lurks in the depths of the lake is likely to remain a mystery.  

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 August 2003. The reporter is Jennie O'Sullivan.