Fans throughout Ireland celebrate the Republic of Ireland's draw with the Soviet Union in the European Championships in West Germany. The final score was 1-1.

In pubs and living rooms everywhere, there was jubilation when Ronnie Whelan slammed the ball into the back of the net to give Ireland a one-nil lead.

Before the second half equaliser by the Soviet UnionRussia, spirits were sky high in the hope of things to come with fans chanting 'Here We Go' and already talking about the Republic of Ireland making it all the way to the European Championship final. 

We're going to win this European Championship.

We're gonna win. We have to win on Saturday.

Ireland have just played fantastic. Great commitment...

I think they can go the whole way. No doubt about it. Small country, big hearts.

An RTÉ News reports on 15 June 1988. The reporter is Alan McCullough.