Ireland basks in glorious sunshine for the June bank holiday weekend.

The combination of sun and warm temperatures on the bank holiday weekend mean sunbathing, boating, picnics, sun hats, day trips, and plenty of ice cream.  The weather was perfect for a vintage car run and the warm weather was also welcomed by some of the animals in Dublin Zoo . 

Will the blue skies continue all weekend?  Meteorologist Jerry Scully is cautiously optimistic,

There’s a risk of rain tomorrow in the west, but apart from that, it should be a very nice day again.

The bank holiday weekend Lotto jackpot of £2 million means that someone’s dream of year-round sunshine could become a reality.  One man who spoke to RTÉ News had just purchased a Lotto ticket, and knew how he would spend a big win,

I’d take a holiday, a long holiday...around the world.  I mightn’t come back.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 June 1993.  The reporter is Peter Cluskey.