20,000 take to the streets of Dublin to protest at the war in Iraq.

Demonstrations in Dublin show the level of anti-war sentiment amongst much of the Irish population.

Anti-War demonstrators set fire to and then spat on the US flag, as well as burning images of President Bush and Bertie Ahern outside the Dáil.

The anti-war protesters gathered at Parnell Square before making their way through the city to government buildings. The Green Party leader Trevor Sargent addressed the crowd at Parnell Square telling them that he believed that government was acting like a dictator. RTÉ News spoke to some of the protesters about their views on the invasion of Iraq. 

It's an unnecessary war.

This is invasion not liberation for Iraq.

They have the right to defend their soil and to defend their families and homes.

I'm against the war because killing people is wrong.

It is estimated that the rally attracted up to twenty thousand people and organisers are planning further anti-war rallies in the coming weeks.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 March 2003. The reporter is Richard Dowling.