Howard Keel star of 'Dallas' brings his talent as a singer to Irish audiences.

International star Howard Keel (1919-2004) visits Ireland for a performances at the National Concert Hall and the Cork Opera House. While better known to Irish audiences as Clayton Farlow in the television soap opera 'Dallas', Keel (68) is also a musician and singer. 

Howard Keel is in Ireland to play shows at the National Concert Hall in Dublin on 28 February and at Cork Opera House on 29 February.  However, he won't be attempting any Irish songs this time. 

While Mr Keel is known as a successful actor, celebrity golfer and heart-throb, his first love is singing. 

If you're in good voice and you have a good song and a good audience, there's nothing quite like it.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 February 1988. The reporter is Barry Linnane.