A visit to the Dublin base of Sullivan Bluth Animation Studios.

Leading animation directors in the film industry, Don Bluth and Morris Sullivan have set up studios at Phoenix House in Dublin. The company employs approximately 170 Irish people in a 300 strong workforce. Interviews are being held in the hope of hiring more young talented Irish people who will be trained in animation and the hope is to increase the workforce to 370 by the end of the year.

Reporter Teresa Mannion meets film animation producer at Sullivan Bluth, Gary Goldman. Goldman outlines why Sullivan Bluth decided to set up an office outside the United States of America. With an English speaking population and an abundance of artists, Ireland was the chosen destination.

Gary Goldman describes the techniques used in bringing stories to life through animation in a way that the audience can relate to the characters and forget that they are watching a cartoon. A feature length animated film can take 22 months to produce with a crew of between two and three hundred people producing over a million drawings.

It requires a very dedicated artist to be involved with animation.

The latest Sullivan Bluth animated film 'An American Tale' is a collaboration with Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 June 1987. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.