A Belfast man is performing a musical vigil outside City Hall in an unusual and desperate effort to find a job.

Unemployed since leaving school seven years ago, 23 year-old Sammy Close from the Forth River Road in Belfast has tried every avenue possible to find work.

Sammy goes to the job centre every other day, looks in newspapers, advertises in shop windows and has even looked for work in Dublin and England.

Nothing's come off.

Inspired by a man in Derry who carried out a sit down protest for work, Sammy decided to take his job-seeking onto the streets of his own hometown. Every day from 9 am to 5 pm he plays his guitar and sings outside City Hall in Belfast.

I couldn't stand all day and do nothing, you know, and have everybody walking past looking at a placard, I like to do something.

It cheers Sammy up to sing and people passing by enjoy his music. He intends to keep performing until he gets a job. Four days into his vigil and there is still no sign of work. However, passersby have been suggesting he starts his own window cleaning business.

I'm going to stay until I get a job, either that or the cold will kill me first.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 September 1982. The reporter is Cathal MacCoille.