A visit to the Shankill Road Belfast to gain an insight into the heartland of loyalism in Northern Ireland.

The Shankill Road, a protestant stronghold, stretches around two miles through West Belfast. Nicholas Coffey and the '7 Days' production team met the people that live on the Shankill Road to hear their stories of life in the loyalist stronghold.

This excerpt from the report shows various shots of the Shankill Road with voice overs of residents. The report also features a scene from the loyalist Bayardo Bar where a performer is singing

We're proud to be red, white and blue.

The Bayardo Bar is frequented by people living in the thick of the North's bloodiest violence. 

Just a year ago five customers were machine-gunned to death in this very bar. But undaunted the music spells out a no surrender message of loyalty to Queen and kingdom from a most loyal community.

Former MP John McQuade comments on the belief that Unionists have in "The Road" and "The Union". Shankill residents also talk about the changes that have taken place on the road over the years. According to one resident the redevelopment of the Shankill Road has caused as much damage as the bombings and shootings.  

The Divis flats, synonymous with Republicans dominate the new housing developments on the Lower Shankill, placing two communities who have been at each others throats for generations side by side. However, one thing common to both communities are the poor living conditions. The loyalist community who have lived on the Shankill for generations are not happy about these changes. 

This episode of '7 Days' was broadcast on 12 October 1976.