Husband and wife team arrive in Cork Harbour after circumnavigating the world in a boat which they bought after selling the family home.

Frank and Barbara Fitzgibbon were the first members of the Royal Cork Yacht Club in 277 years to achieve such a feat. The Fitzgibbons were accompanied by a flotilla of boats as they sailed back into Cork Harbour. Over the last days of their journey gales blasted their forty foot yacht, but they remained determined to complete their journey.

The Irish weather threw everything at them but they were undaunted.

The couple reflect on their two-year adventure and the delight and relief of reaching home. For Barbara, the trip has made her appreciate Ireland more and she says that as a couple they have become closer and stronger. Frank recalls some of the more difficult moments of the trip including being shot at in the Red Sea. While the couple had some tense moments on board, Frank says that these are outweighed by all the wonderful moments. Frank is very happy to be home and comments

There's no green like the green hills of Ireland.

Amongst the well-wishers in Cork Harbour were Frank and Barbara's three daughters who are delighted to have their parents home safe. 

This episode of 'Morning Ireland' was broadcast on 29 August 1997. The reporter is Tom McSweeney. The report is introduced by Bryan Dobson.