The Oireachtas Art Exhibition is opened by President Patrick Hillery at the Hugh Lane Gallery.

The report shows President Hillery meeting some of the prize winners as well as some of the works on display. Gráinne Mhaol, the legendary Irish pirate, depicted in a wooden sculpture by Gabriel Hayes, was just one of the four prize-winning entries out of a total of 260 entries. One hundred of the entries to the competition are on show at the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery in Parnell Square, Dublin. 

The work on show includes feature drawings, etchings, oils, watercolours, mixed media, graphics, and sculpture. Irish artists and foreigners, who have been living in Ireland for ten years or more, were eligible to enter the competition. 

Mary Swansea is one of the artists exhibited in the Hugh Lane and she also exhibited in the 1907 Oireachtas Art Exhibition seventy years earlier. 

The three other winners were painters Gerald Davis, Anthony O'Carroll and Gordon Woods. 

The Oireachtas Art Exhibition will move to Belfast on 20 July before moving on to the Regional Technical College in Donegal at the end of August. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 June 1977.