The fight to keep Shamrock Rovers at their Milltown football grounds in Dublin continues.

In March 1987 it was proposed that Shamrock Rovers Football Club would move from their grounds at Milltown to Tolka Park. In response KRAM (Keep Rovers at Milltown), a group opposed to the move was quickly established by supporters and business figures. The group set about channelling their anger into well-organised funding campaigns raising an impressive £300,000 with a plan to buy out Shamrock Rovers and Glenmalure Park in Milltown. If the bid were successful, Shamrock Rovers would then be held in trust and could not be sold without the consent of club members. However, the offer was rejected by the Kilcoyne family who owns the club and fears are now high that the Milltown grounds are being considered for commercial development.

Chairman of KRAM, Brian Murphy, says that KRAM will now broaden their campaign to mobilise public and political support to save their amenity at Glenmalure Park.

We believe it can be saved and we believe there is a price that it can be bought at.

Addressing a crowd at a KRAM public meeting, Treasurer of KRAM Jimmy Keane asks

What is it going to take to purchase Shamrock Rovers Football Club?

Keane estimates that the club will come at a cost of around £600,000.

Another member of KRAM Eddie Kenny believes that the Kilcoyne Brothers feel that they will make more money out of land speculation than out of selling the club to its members and says that the football consideration is secondary.

The commercial value of any league of Ireland club at £300,000 is exceptionally high.

Jimmy Keane further reiterates

I don't accept, can't accept, and never will accept that they have the right to move to Tolka Park. Never.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 June 1987. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.