Several hundred people take part in a Palm Sunday peace rally in West Belfast.

The march took place along the peace line which divides the Protestant and Catholic areas of West Belfast, for what the organisers described as, 

A symbolic tearing down of the barriers which divide the two communities in Belfast, and across the North.

The Palm Sunday Partnership for Peace was organised by the Cornerstone Community Group in protest at the recent upsurge in sectarian attacks. Lanark Way, where the rally took place, had been used in the past as an escape route by both Loyalist and Republican gunmen after sectarian killings in the area.

Reverend Sam Birch explained how the rally came about, 

It was an opportunity to come together to affirm that we are one people in God...and that we need to find a partnership if there’s to be any future for the country.  So, this is part of, just as you can see, numbers of people have come on the streets, and this is just another one to say, we want peace, and we want partnership.

An RTÉ News Report broadcast on 12 April 1992. The reporter is Brendan Wright.