How difficult is it to hitch hike? The practicalities of thumbing a lift in Ireland.

Majella Nolan and Ronan Johnston try their hand at hitch-hiking and get some tips from more experienced hitchers they encounter along the way.

The overall advice is having a sign helps when trying to flag down a lift. The weather however makes no difference to how quickly the hitcher will find transportation.

I hitched last Friday and it was lashing and it took me ages and it’s a great day today and I got a lift immediately.

While it can be difficult, hitchers generally find they only have to wait 15 or 20 minutes before they get a lift. One hitcher who had no trouble getting a lift from Limerick to Dublin is not finding it quite so easy to get back down to the country again. Another hitcher finds it necessary to hitch because bus and train fairs are too expensive, particularly for students.

It’s well worth hitching, it’s a good experience anyway.

While it may be quicker to hitch a lift if travelling solo, this does not deter a couple who always hitch together, although the woman agrees

It’s much easier for a girl on her own anyway.

This episode of ‘Borderline’ was broadcast on 11 April 1987. The reporters are Majella Nolan and Ronan Johnston.

‘Borderline’ was a Saturday morning teenage programme that covered music, fashion and film. It was first broadcast on 11 October 1986.

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