Edition 94 of Century Ireland is out on 15 February 2017 with all the news from 100 years ago.

The main stories include:

  • Renewed Arrests of Republicans in Ireland
    Midnight raids by police across Ireland have led to the arrest and imprisonment of 28 men under the Defence of the Realm Act.
  • Blistering Attack on Irish Parliamentary Party
    ‘They have defied the voice of the people'
    The Irish Independent has launched a blistering attack on the Irish Party in a significant change in its editorial line.
  • Will America join the World War?
    There are contradictory reports from America regarding the intentions of America in respect of the Great War.
  • Irish Bishops Warn of Food Shortages
    Ireland’s Catholic bishops have warned again of the acute food shortages that are striking the county. 
  • Low Pay for Irish Women at 'Shocking' Level 
    The pay awarded to Irish women remains at a shockingly low level. 
  • Mayo Man Arrested for Singing Rebel Songs
    John McNally, a native of Claremorris but working as a shop assistant at Ballyhaunis, was charged at Ballinlough Petty Sessions by the Crown under the Defence of the Realm Act with singing 'Easter Week' at a concert at Ballinlough. 
  • Reports of Armenian Massacre 
    Arthur Balfour has relayed further accounts of the reported sufferings of Armenians within the Ottoman Empire. 

Armenian Committee Poster
Armenian Committee Poster

  • Temperance Meeting Highlights Drunkenness Amongst Women
    A meeting of Temperance campaigners in Dublin yesterday highlighted the growing prevalence of female drunkenness in the city. 

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