Filming of the American television series 'Remington Steele' starring Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan is underway at Ashford Castle in County Mayo.

A film-crew of 90 battled against poor weather conditions in a bid to complete six episodes of 'Remington Steele' and American camera operator Bill Whitman admits working in Ireland is

More challenging than in California.

Irish actor Pierce Brosnan who plays Remington Steele loves working in Ireland. He hopes to end his four year run in ‘Remington Steele’ so that he can concentrate on making more personal projects, including the production of some short films in Ireland as there are

Many good Irish stories to be made.

Brosnan is convinced Ireland is an excellent place to make films and hopes Ardmore Studios in Bray, County Wicklow, can attract more television and film work to Ireland from abroad.

Irish actor Donal Farmer who plays Sean O’Gleason in ‘Remington Steele’ thinks filming part of the series in Ireland gives a much needed boost to the fledgling Irish film industry. Only 25 members of the crew are American, meaning the majority of the technicians, carpenters and lighting crew are Irish. The series also gives employment to 200 extras.

Another benefit derived from film production in the area is tourism. Ashford Castle was the setting for ‘The Quiet Man’ directed by John Ford in 1952 and Rory Murphy, manager of Ashford Castle, hopes the venue can be used again to make 'The Quiet Man II'.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 December 1986. The reporter is Jim Fahy.