Two female prisoners broke free from their escorts while on a trip to a swimming pool at Belvedere College in Dublin.

Due to the lack of recreational facilities inside Mountjoy Prison, female prisoners are taken out frequently. However, this latest episode has resulted in criticism of the prison management system.  

Tracy Hynes currently on a three year sentence for fire arms offences and Michelle Donovan is serving a twelve month sentence for larceny. 

Progressive Democrats spokesperson for justice, Liz O'Donnell talked to RTÉ News about the escape and the state of the prison system, with 1,300 offenders currently at large. Liz O'Donnell calls for a review of the entire prison service. 

There needs to be a total rehaul of the management of our prison service.

Tom Hoare of the Prison Officers Association makes a differentiation between prisoners that are "unlawfully at large" and those who have escaped. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 August 1996. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.