Juvenile prison life, rehabilitation and education at St Patrick's Institution, a prison for young male offenders.

In some ways, prison is only the beginning of a man's sentence and punishment.

In prison, the prisoner follows a routine and usually becomes accustomed to it and institutionalised. Financial worries can be put aside. Once freed from prison, the readjustment to the outside world is enormous. 

Instead of reforming him, prison may have made him less capable of standing on his own feet.

Michael Kennedy, Governor of Saint Patrick's Institution comments on conditions inside the prison, rehabilitation of juvenile offenders and education services available to prisoners. Mr Kennedy believes that conditions in prison have become much more tolerable over the years but hopes that each prisoner that passes through the system will not re-offend.  The level of illiteracy is high amongst inmates at around forty per cent and the authorities are endeavouring to remedy this with the assistance of student teachers from St Patrick's Training College and Clonliffe College providing classes in the 3 Rs - reading, writing, and arithmetic.    

This episode of 'Am I My Brother's Keeper?' was broadcast on 14 May 1969. The reporter is Miriam Hederman. 

Am I My Brother's Keeper? is a series of four programmes dealing with the repercussions of crime on the Community.