A founder of the Motor Yacht Club Moira Kearon has continued to set sailing headlines.

In a small 23 foot long boat she has sailed round Ireland, crossed the English Channel and sailed up the Seine into Paris. Moira Kearon is now in her 70s and has made her boat, the Mol-Pol, one of the best-known yachts around the coast. She has every intention of continuing to sail the seas.

This report includes amateur footage of the Mol-Pol being lowered into the sea at Dun Laoghaire and from some of the journeys made.

Mol-Pol is arguably Ireland's leading example of how a sailing boat should be used and enjoyed.

Commenting on her voyages, Moira Kearon says,

Sailing up into Paris on a small boat flying the Irish flag was special.

She is not alone in her travels and for many years has been joined by crewman Owen Hearty, who is a few years her junior.

When asked about people's reaction to her continuing to sail into her seventies, she says

My grandchildren probably think their Gran is a little mad but I get a lot of encouragement.

Both Moira Kearon and Owen Hearty have no plans to stop their enjoyment of sailing the seas.

This episode of 'Nationwide' was broadcast on 30 July 2001. The report by Tom MacSweeney is introduced by Michael Ryan.