Eddie Moroney or Effin Eddie as he has become known due to his choice use of language is a GAA commentator with a difference.

In the days before the internet Effin Eddie became a video tape sensation when his alternative style of GAA commentary caught the attention of GAA fans around the world. Bootlegs of his honest commentary were sent to GAA fans from Australia to the USA.  It all began with his commentary on the Tipperary U21 Final between Aherlow and Eire Óg of Nenagh on 3 January 1993.

Sean Moncrieff introduces Eddie as

a big figure in the world of sports commentary but you mightn't have seen him on RTÉ. He is now something of a legend around the country.

Sporting a T shirt with 'Aherlow GAA' written on the front and 'Effin Eddie on Tour' on the back, the commentator from Lisvernane county Tipperary makes a dramatic entrance to the show. Asked about the reasons for the popularity of his commentary Eddie says

It isn't every day you get a Michael O'Hehir like me... It just took off. It was so natural...

Eddie tells Sean about the lead up to the now famous commentary, following his father-in-law's funeral. 

The video of the match used in this clip was filmed by Jimmy Gubbins. Also appearing in this clip is former British Labour MP Derek Hatton. 

This episode of Good Grief Moncrieff presented by Sean Moncrieff was broadcast on 29 June 1996.