British peerage for Irish born business woman based in London.

During her 25 years in Britain Detta O'Cathain has been a business woman and political advisor to the Thatcher government and now holds the top job at London's Barbican Arts and Conference Centre. She has just become Baroness O'Cathain as a Conservative party appointee to the House of Lords. Commenting on her appointment Detta says,

I hope I will be able to bring a lot of experience and expertise to the party

A supporter and admirer of Margaret Thatcher she says, 

She was a great role model for somebody like me because I could see that with her that integrity and determination and stamina and single-mindedness and hard work actually did win through.

The new Baroness also tells Brian O'Connell about her positive experience of being an Irish woman living in Britain. Her advice to young Irish people planning a move to Britain is to work hard.

An RTÉ News report by Brian O'Connell broadcast on 30 April 1991.