Reaction to a change in legislation to allow alcohol sales on Good Friday in the town of Ardee, County Louth.

When the Intoxicating Liquor Act was introduced in 1927, pubs were banned from opening on St Patrick's Day, Good Friday and Christmas Day. Now, over 90 years later just one day remains as the Dáil approves lifting the ban for Good Friday. The measure will be signed into law before Easter 2018.

In Ardee, County Louth there is a mixed reaction to the lifting of the ban on Good Friday alcohol sales. Owner of Butterly’s Bar Mickey McCreanor supports the removal of the ban. His positive opinion is shared by a man who thinks,

It’s a great idea; I’m not religious so I don’t see why one religion should tell other people what to do.

However Ardee publican Gerard Tenanty disagrees with the proposed change, as Good Friday gave many in the pub trade a welcome break,

We get two days off; it’s looking like one day now.

Also disagreeing is a woman who thinks there are,

Plenty of days and nights in the whole year besides opening on one holy day of the year.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 January 2018. The reporter is Conor Hunt.