Health reform failure leads to the resignation of the Minister for Health Dr Noel Browne.

On 11 April 1951 Dr Noel Browne resigned as Minister for Health. His proposed Mother and Child Scheme for the health service failed to get introduced.

This clip is taken from a speech recorded on 19 September 1950 where Dr Noel Browne speaks about the Mother-and-Child Scheme and a new children's hospital service in Ballyowen County Wexford.

The time has come to expand and reorganise existing medical, institutional and hospital services

Dr Browne argues that the new scheme is long over due and badly needed to end the wasted lives and unnecessary deaths of too many young children.

Dr Noel Browne became Minister for Health in 1948 and immediately embarked on a number of radical plans to reform the Irish Health Care System. Failure to implement his proposed Mother-and-Child Scheme led to his resignation in April 1951.