Áine O'Connor meets Clicky Murphy owner of the smallest pony and jaunting car in Ireland.

The jaunting car was specially made for Pippy the pony. Áine chats to Clicky in the living room of his home in the company of Pippy. Clicky describes his family's long love for animals going back 135 years. Clicky's grandfather started off the jaunting car business at a time before the famine in Ireland. Clicky says 

I was on horses from the time I was able to walk... I drove ponies at the age of 9 and 10 years old.

Clicky describes how as a boy the streets of Dublin were full of jaunting cars and it wasn't until around 1924 that taxis appeared on the streets. Mr Murphy also describes how he inherited the name 'Clicky' from his brother who acquired the name from clicking the horses.

This episode of 'First House' was broadcast on 24 February 1976.

'First House' was a magazine series featuring interesting people, places and events. The programme was presented by Tom McGurk and Aine O'Connor. The programme was produced by John McColgan and Barry Kelly.